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Don’t Do It If You Don’t Want Your Kids Doing It

baby unwrapping a gift with his sibling

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

I hope your New Year has started out blessed and you have already experienced the power of God moving in you and through you.

I saw this meme today on Facebook and thought I’d add some things to it. There are a lot of memes and catchy phrases and cliches on social media that reflect the heart of God to an extent. They may even touch on what His Word has to say about it. This particular meme seems to give the cause of generational curses, which in and of itself, is a very broad topic. So I decided to add other factors that cause failure in this and other generations to come.

  1. Start letting your kids hear you pray.
  2. Pray with your kids.
  3. Read your Bible with your kids.
  4. Let them see you apply what you read.
  5. Quit cussing at and around your kids.
  6. Quit lying to and on your kids.
  7. Quit letting your kids hear you lie.
  8. Quit letting your kids see you throw temper tantrums.
  9. Start letting your kids see you solve problems rather than cause problems.
  10. Start letting your kids see love by loving on them.

There are so many other factors to weigh in when it comes to breaking generational curses. God’s Word tells us we should train our children in the right way. See if they are taught the right way, the right way will follow them. They may even stray from the right way, but they will soon remember what they were taught by our words and actions and come back to it.

Our children are our mirrors. They will reflect us. So we must give them a righteous structure and image to reflect back on when they need to. If we don’t want our children to get on a ship that’s spiraling out of control, we must show them what a stable ship looks like. Don’t do it if you don’t want your kids doing It

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