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Good Trouble

“If someone wanted to stop us would they be able to use the righteous or unrighteous acts we do?” We have a choice.

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Seven Times Seventy – Kingdom Forgiveness

According to Jesus, I stand in agreement, we have to forgive each time someone does something to us. How many times? Seven times seventy. “Just as we can show gratitude toward someone who does something good in our favor over and over again, we should be able to forgive someone from our heart that has hurt us.

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Keep Your Focus On Jesus

If we look at our situations and don’t focus on our help, we will drown in our circumstances. Whatever you face in the future, step out on faith, walk (relationship) with Jesus, focus on Him, and don’t hesitate to call (pray) when you need help.

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Good News!

We all can use some good news every once in a while! Today the good news can be found in Romans 8:1, 8.

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Follow Jesus

Jesus is still calling people today. There are some people who have been with Jesus since the day He called them. There are some who left Him after He called them…

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