Gratitude Under Pressure

Daniel 6:10-13, 19-22

A Month of Gratitude – pt. 2

Our theme for November has been “A Month of Gratitude.” Thanksgiving is in this month and this is a time where we offer thanks for everything including the food (I know I do 🙂 ). But I want us to be able to see the spiritual side of this month as well.

Being able to give thanks in all situations was the focus in part 1 and the scripture was 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. We saw that it can be difficult to express thanks when life’s situations mount up.

The scripture for Gratitude Under Pressure came from Daniel 6:10-13, 19-22. Daniel was our person of interest as his response to pressure was a good example for us to think about during the struggles we face. Daniel, through the favor of God was placed in a high position of public influence while he was a captive of the Babylonian empire. The spirit of envy came into the ones beneath him and they plotted to have him thrown in the lion’s den. But they had a hard time finding anything to accuse of him as he had a spirit of excellence. So his adversaries decided to use his habit of praying against him. We should note these characteristics of Daniel:

  1. His faith in God.
  2. The courage his faith gave him (Daniel 6:10)
  3. And his habitual relationship he had with God. (Daniel 6:11-13).

Daniel was able to give thanks to God even though there was a threat to his life if he continued worshiping God. Not only did God deliver him from hungry lions, Darius the king changed laws so the children of Israel would be able to worship God and have peace where they lived.

Our situations can be so overwhelming and make us think we don’t have anything to be thankful for. Thank God for the example found in Daniel’s life we have to remind us that no matter what’s happening we can show gratitude under the pressure we’re in.

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Praise God for His Word,
Pastor N Jordan

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