Seeking After God

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Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

God is faithful in delivering us from the challenging year 2020 into the year 2021. He has brought us through uncertainty, civil unrest, a pandemic, sickness, and death. We’ve witnessed God’s healing and delivering power right within our own family! So if you would like to give Him praise right now before reading further, help yourself!

Seeking After God – Series

At the beginning of the year, the week leading into January 3rd, I believe the Lord gave me a directive to preach a series – “Seeking After God.” We started on January 3rd and the Lord has blessed us. We are in our fourth week of the series. It’s not too late to join us! I will be uploading a copy of these and more sermon outlines so you can download them. We have covered these topics:

  1. Seeking After God – Psalm 119:1-2
    • Our Takeaway:
      • The ones who walk in the way of the Lord, undefiled are blessed.
      • The ones who keep God’s testimonies and seek Him with the whole heart are blessed.
  2. The Urgency Of Seeking God (Drastic Times Call For Drastic Seeking) – Isaiah 55:1-2, 6-9
    • Our Takeaway:
      • Seek after God more than what satisfies you for the moment.
      • Ask Him to show you yourself how He sees you.
      • Make seeking after God a daily routing, throughout your day.
  3. Half-Hearted Seeking Won’t Do
    • Our Takeaway:
      • Beware of these things that will split our heart and thwart the effectiveness of seeking after God with all of our heart:
        1. Seeking worldly advice from friends over godly advice.
        2. Seeking advice from horoscopes.
        3. Seeking advice from tarot card and palm readers.
        4. Burning sage to ward off evil spirits, instead of seeking God for the power to cast those evil spirits out.
        5. Relying on witchcraft, voodoo, and root bags.
      • When we seek God with all of our heart, we will find Him and when we find Him, we find:
        1. Peace
        2. Wisdom
        3. His love
        4. Everything we need.
        5. Jesus preached what’s known as the sermon on the mount. It’s recorded in Matthew 6:33 that we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.
    • Challenge:
      • This week start your day off seeking God with a prayer before you do anything!
      • Seek Him for forgiveness, provision, protection, and a blessing so you can bless someone else.
  4. Seeking After God With The Right Attitude – Exodus 3:1-5
    • “Approaching God with the right attitude will yield results that favor us.”
    • Our Takeaway:
      • Moses was so inquisitive that he left what he was doing, and the path he was on to seek an answer as to why the bush was burning but not burning up.
      • Moses respected the holiness and sovereignty of God (taking off his sandals).
      • Moses sought an answer and had an encounter with God.
      • Moses’ seeking an answer yielded to his calling to lead the Israelites from the bondage of Pharoah.
      • Moses had the right attitude
        1. The attitude of humility.
        2. The attitude of inquisitiveness.
        3. The attitude of obedience.
      • If we seek after God, He is going to give us what we need to live in His presence, do His work and give the grace and favor we need to live holy and prosperous lives.

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