Youth Department Invades Wild Adventure

On July 20th and 21st, New Gardners’ Youth Department went on our annual summer trip to Wild Adventure. We left Oconee at about 7 a.m. headed to a weekend of fun and fellowship. The heat of the day caught us off guard so we stayed in the amusement park for a short time before retiring to our rooms. Some of us braved the heat and stayed until it cooled down.

Pastor and 1st Lady Jordan had a homegoing celebration of their relative and they joined us at around 7 pm. Pastor Jordan kept his vow to ride the roller coasters. He rode the Boomerang and admitted he was quite shaken by the intensity of the curves and flips. The ones who remained at the park took in the fireworks show before going back to their rooms.

On the next day, we all met up for breakfast and afterward help prayer and a summarization of the Sunday School lesson Jesus Teaches About Transforming Love (Matthew 5:38-48) before going back to the park. We wrapped the day up at about 4pm and made our way back home.

We thank God for taking us there and bringing us back safely. We thank God for the youth coordinators who booked reservations for the rooms. There was about 42 of us that went. We thank Bro. Carlton Kitchens of Kitchens Transportation for allowing us to lease one of his vans.

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